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Party'n Time   
12:26am 05/09/2007
  Thought i'd just post for the hell of it.

I partied pretty good this past friday. I went bowling with Ryan (the guy i work with), his wife, daughter and his buddy Dave. Well, i ended up not having as much money as I thought I did so I started off badly because Dave was in the same situation. I was able to help with the pitcher of Captain and Coke, but I couldn't get it all. Ryan was cool about it, but his wife wasn't. We still had a good time, but I think she was pissed cause as soon as the bowling session was up, she and her daughter booked it out of there. After that I had Dave drive me back to Ryan's place, we parked the car and took Dave's car over to a local bar to play some foozeball and pool. Dave and Ryan are the masters of Foozeball so me and Dave teamed up on Ryan and then chick jumped seeing that we were a man short. After the game, she and Dave switched sides which probably wasn't a good idea cause the chick and I just got creamed. After that she gone, so after that the three of went to play some pool. There Ryan started talking to some chick he used go to school with and she was just macking on him big time. It was funny because it was so obvious. All the while me and Dave and getting hella drunk and getting pissed at Ryan cause he would take forever with his shots at pool. We decided to leave after the game of pool, but we got yelled at by the bartender because we almost took our drinks outside. The next bar we went to was just next door and was some underground towny bar so we didn't stay there long. After that we just went to Dave's place to sleep off the drinks. I don't go out drinking much, but that was a good time. Ooh, and Dave drove CRAZY all the way back to his place. I can't believe we didn't get pulled over.

Saturday I had to watch my niece and nephew. They behaved pretty well. Except for my nephew, he wanted to sit up front with my niece.
Have a Great New Year!!   
12:29am 02/01/2007
mood: dorky
It's been a while since I've posted! Happy New Years and all that jazz. My Xmas was pretty good. Got a few gift cards for Best Buy, got a nice set of samurai swords from Jason and his wife. Got Predator 2 and Fearless on dvd with the gift cards. Got some cash for new shoes from my parents, I also got the entire series of No Where Man on dvd! That show was way ahead of it's time, if it was produced today it would be the new Lost. Oh, and I got the Original Star Wars on dvd, and when i say original, I mean the uneditted 1977 versions. I think watching the movies with the little mistakes makes it feel more.. honorable i guess you'd call it. It feels like cheating to watch the re-re-re-editted and updated versions of Star Wars. Know what I mean?

Another good piece of news is that my bro and I may have found a place on the outside of Madison on the west side. The duplex is really nice! When you walk in it doesn't even feel like a duplex at all! It's huge! The landlord is checking our credit now and will let us know when we can move in. It's got a wood burning fireplace, 2 car garage, 2 bedrooms and a downstairs that could be used as a third. It's the place i've been searching for months.

The new years party was pretty low key. I got there and started drinking the free beer. I'm not a big beer drinker and wanted to order a drink, but I didn't have any money at the time so I took what I could get. After 2 beers on an empty stomache I realized was kind of drunk so I had to play it cool, but I don't think anyone really cared, my boss didn't and his boss was too busy talking to everyone to care. After everyone had ate, they handed out gifts. Everyone had their name in a hat and a Santa (that I only assume was provided by the hotel) came by and helped hand out the gifts, everyone who went up had to sit on santa's lap and then get their gift. I know it was lame, but the office ladies were getting a kick out of it. I ended up getting a gift card to Olive Garden.... -_- WHOOO! Yeah... I regifted it to my mom for part of her gift hahaha. After the gifts everyone just went off and did their own thing, a lot of people left to get back to the kids, others went to the hotel bar to shoot pool and drink. I went up to a room a guy i work with rented, his wife brought some drinks. So we drank a little, went down stairs to the hotel's bar and shot a little pool and played a few hands of yuker (Sp?) with some of our co-workers. After that me, my buddy, his wife and one of their friend's went to a bowling alley so he could show off some of his mad foozeball skills. And he is damn good. I teamed up with his wife and we got our asses kicked.

After taking back Tony Hawk's Project 8, I rented the only other good game out for the PS3 right now, which is Ridge Racer 7. It is an ok arcade racer, but nothing worth buy. I took it over to buddy's to play online but we both got our asses handed to us. So we went back to playing Resistance Online. I can't remember if I told you about that yet, but Oh my god is that death match fun! I just can't get enough! Tomarrow after work i may just get a wireless headset so I can communicate online. I'd love to hear all the smack talk that goes on in there. We were playing yesterday on New Years and there tons of people online! Every other match at from 40 (the max amount) to 30 players. The only bad thing about it was that the stats weren't being updated as quickly as normal due to the fact that it was sooo crowded. I'm sure my ranking is exremely high now. (www.resistancefallofman.com pretty cool site.. but i was hoping that I could check my character's stats) Then I saw that the free demo for Gran Turismo HD was up for download so we downloaded that. It looks fucking amazing! Everything is crystal clear and hella realistic. The screen shots of it online don't do it justice. You have to see it playing on a High Def set.
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Resistance Is Kick Ass   
05:01am 11/12/2006
  Yeah, got to take the PS3 over to Zach's for a little bit and played Resistance: Fall of Man online in free for all mode. It was hella fun!! No lag what so ever! I wasn't ever the winner of any matches, but i was in the middle and never fell behind in the killing. It was pretty frustrating though, even though you had a radar and could see were people were, it was hard to predict if they would respawn right behind you. But keeping tabs on what was going on around you and trying to check the radar (at the sametime) is a skill that will need to be mastered if i'm gonna be playing online much. (I hopefully convinced my dad into getting high speed FINIALLY! Yeesh! I'm surpised the mooninites haven't stopped by to say, "Hey, why don't go rub rocks together you sissies!" hahahha)

I guess you don't really realize how mundane your life is until you're really entertained for a while. I don't think i've smiled as much the entire week as I have watching an hour or so of Genshiken. God I love that show, I really wish they made more. Guess I'll have to buy the manga and do the dubbing in my head... damn it.
Wii Wii Wii all the way home   
04:40am 27/11/2006
mood: dorky
My view of the Wii is this, it is extremely fun, but the low processing
power and low resolution capability make its future bleek. It is
possible that it could turn into a Dreamcast. Yes it is easy to program
games for, but like the Gamecube few games were released for the system
(ever since the N64, Nintendo has had a continued history of this) and
of those games an adult gamer like me would only have wanted to play
maybe 5 or 6 from its entire libary! The Wii is trying overcome this
fate by saying, hey! We have a ton of original games you've already
played, but we know you still want to play them so... come on! Leaching
from yesteryear will help its life span, but will it last as long as the
PS3 or even the 360? No. Banking their future on a controller alone
was not a good move. If you were to ask if i enjoy playing it, then I'd
say yes, but if you asked, would you buy one.. then I'd have to say -
wait until there are more games out, hell, you can't even buy and
download the retro games yet. At this point you aren't really missing
to much. If you are worried about all the hacking and slashing you'll
have to do with the controller, then don't. The commercials really over
sell (and over act) the interactiveness. With Zelda all you really need
to do is flick your wrist a bit to fight off the baddies, it's not like
you have to make huge sword thrusts everytime you need to take out a
little bat. These controllers are so sentive that they can detect the
smallest movements. The only exception for the movements are the sports
games where you would want to do the full motion so that you can
garuantee accuracy.

I actually got to play a little PS3 at a Best Buy a few days ago. The
game was some NBA '07 basketball game, but the graphics were awesome!
You could tell they had it hooked up to a HD set, it was crisp. I
completely forgot to try out the six axis controller to see if you could
control the players or do any moves with it. But i didn't really play
that long. Heh, I went to Walmart just to bug them about the PS3, I saw
the dude that had the #1 chair for the rain checks there and asked him
if they had gotten in a second shippment yet and he said no. I'm a
little pissed that they are only going for around 1k on ebay now.
That's only 400 profit. If it gets any lower I may just keep it!
PS3... 14 hours Later...   
05:44am 17/11/2006
mood: crazy
So I ended up learning a valuable lesson, don't wait 12 hours early, go a full 24 hours early to ensure your unit of PS3! Mitch and I get to Janesville and start looking at places like Target and Shopko and can't believe what we are seeing!!! People that look like they've already been there over night! We left at around 11am so we could get there by noon, plenty of time right? Wrong!!! I'm just speechless at that point seeing so many sleeping bags and tents next to the doors of these places. So I head over to the Super Walmart that just opened the day before thinking that there won't be a line there... WRONG again!! The 6 consoles they have instock are already spoken for by the people already in line, but the shinning glimmer of hope rests on the open seats just on the other side of them, these are the reserve seats for the desperate and we at this point are 100% desperate. (Well actually we first went to Walmart to see if we could get in line there, but no luck, so we left there insearch of other open lines, but that wasn't too be. SOO back to Walmart we go to calm the seats for Rain Checks. But the way i was typing sounds much better..) So we take the #2 and #3 seats for the Rain Checks thinking this isn't SO bad, i mean we get to wait inside with access to plenty of food and all the magazines we could read. AND we would only have to wait till midnight cause most of the other places in town aren't gonna open at midnight just for the PS3. But god did those 12 hours to freakishly slow. It wasn't so bad while we had the freedom to leave our seats one at time and walk around a bit, but when other people starting taking the remaining seats, our freedom ended. This how it all went down once we sat down at around 12pm.

12pm - plant our asses in the raincheck seats to reserve a PS3 for the next shippment. I mean as long as we get them before Xmas we should still be sitting pretty.
1:30 or so - Two guys come by and sit in seats #4 & #5, they looked about 17 or so. We didn't talk to them much.
2:10 or so - So this guy who looks like he works at Walmart comes by and says to us that it looks like there are 2 places available at Shopko to get a PS3 at 8am the next day. Mitch and I pass no willing to freeze our asses off for that length of time, so the other two dudes go.
2:30 - a guy comes by and askes us how there can still be open seats, we explain, and he leaves to do the samething we did, look for spaces in other lines.
2:45 or so - A woman and her daughter sit down. At first i thought she was just using the seats to sit while she talked on her cellphone, but nope, she was there for the long haul.
3pm - the guy that stopped before returns and takes the last remaining seat #6. He is real friendly guy and can be spotted as a hardcore gamer since he caring around a PSP and a Gameboy advanced. He tells us that he first went all around Madison looking for spots to wait with no luck! (FYI-I KNEW madison would be a lost cause, which why i went to Janesville instead.) And he started searching at like 9am!
3:30 - the manager comes by to check who is waiting and to chat with us a little. He gives a brochure for the launch of the PS3.
4:40 or so - It starts getting ruff... some punk walks buy wanting the little girls seat, but didn't have the balls to ask the manager about it so we didn't think much of him or the situation.
5pm - A different kid and his dad come by and talk to the manager (Note that this is a different manager who stopped by before) and take the little girls seat. The woman claims that it is her husband seat, but that doesn't fly and the seat is lost. She isn't happy and neither is the husband when he arrives. *My feelings on the situation are... inconclusive at the moment. 1. I can see where the kid and his father are coming from, you can't use a little freaking kid to hold a seat, that's just not right and if I was in there place I would have done the same damn thing. 2. How can you take a seat away from a little girl no older than 8! That's just mean. And thus, the father and son are ignored from the group. And since the son and father just got there, they fall to seat #6 and the Gamer Guy goes up to seat #5.
6 - From there on it gets fairly boring and due to the desperation exibited by the father and son, everyone's butt is firmly planted in their seats (our seats were essentially our tickets, each seat was numbered). At around this time we are also asked to move our seats to the Xmas area seeing as how that is the least used area and has the most amount of open space. The move was welcomed because I was getting might sick of getting my elbow bumped every 5 seconds. We were seated in the main alley across from the Electronics department. Atleat our group was (The Rain Check Group), the other group, the 6 that were actually getting a PS3 at Midnight were actually in the Electronics down an ilse that had a register.
10:30 - We find out that the shipment that Walmart got only has four 60 gig units and two 20 gig units. The max rain checks they have are 6 for 60 gig units. As I'm sure you know, the 20 gigs are useless. So the two people at the end of the Midnight group each take a rain check for a 60 gig unit, thus that takes 2 away from our group. The two 20 gigs also come down to our group, but chair #1 doesn't want it, neither do I (chair #2) and of course Mitch doesn't want it. So seats #4 and #6 take them. Seat #5, the Gamer Guy and his buddy who decides to help him wait by taking his seat for him while he hits the bathroom and gets food, pass on the 20 gig console. It was sad to see them go with out a console since they were probably the ones that deserved it the most out of both groups.
11pm - The last hour was the worst. Zack calls up and tells me that other places have already seen riots and violence! The system setup (even with its flaws...) was fairly organized so there wasn't ever any worry of people getting pushy since where you sat determined your order. I'd just hate to be the poor bastards still sleeping on the cold cold ground outside of Target.
12:10am - The cops arrive to escort the luckies with their brand new consoles out to their cars. We get filed to the customer service desk in the back and get our rain checks.
12:20am - I hit the bathroom and get the hell up outta there!!! You'd think 12 hours of waiting in a Walmart would be fun, but NO. We walk to my car and we decide to pay a visit to all the losers sleeping in their tents and sleeping bags in front of Shopko, Target, and Best Buy. Mitch yelled out of the moon roof "Waiting for the Nintendo Wii Right??!!! WHOOO Nintendo!" and I blare the horn and speed off. HAHAHAHA!!! Ooh man that was fun!
1am - We arrive home hungry, worn out, but confident that our PS3s are secure and that we'll be able to turn a profit before Xmas.
A PS3 Attempt   
03:58am 16/11/2006
mood: anxious
I'm heading out at around 11am to stand in line for the PS3, wish me luck! I don't expect to get back home until 9am, the next morning. The goal for me and my brother is to each get 2 PS3's. Since I'll be selling mine after launch the rules for pre-order sales won't apply (hopefully). Thank god the system is coming out friday morning, it gives me a jump on the punk ass kids who are still in school. I can tell them all that the line starts behind me. The only thing that worries me is how few each store will be getting. Since I'm not going to Madison, I can't see each store getting more than 4 or 5 consoles. But the shipment for the consoles should have come today so they should know exactly how many they have.
04:58am 07/11/2006
mood: contemplative
My tattoo is much more than the japanese symbol for Sky or Heaven. For me it is proof that I am a Hardcore Gamer. This is the symbol that burns Akuma's back once he has won his match. It isn't just a brand, but apart of the darkness that he controls. It is respect to the supernatural and the world beyond ours. I can only pray that a heaven truly exists, this world has to have a larger purpose than to just live and die. It is the symbol of a warrior. Many ronin held this symbol high proclaiming that they were Invincible Under the Sky. And I wear it proudly!!!!

Does your tattoo mean as much to you? Or did it just look cool or cute?
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The Stars in the Sky   
04:58am 02/10/2006
mood: contemplative
I went to the get the mail just a little while ago and I decided to just enjoy the moment. The sky was clear just above my house and it was still nice out surprisingly. So I just laid down in the road and just watched the stars. I was lucky enough to see a shooting star! It zipped across the atmosphere and disappeared. It's a beautiful night. Lightning is striking far off in the East.

Here's a cool little game that you can get hooked on easily! How far can you get your creature to evolve?! http://intihuatani.usc.edu/cloud/flowing/ Just don't get eaten!
Trying to have a good time doing nothing.   
05:48am 07/09/2006
mood: drained
Kind of pissed me off, monday was Labor day so there was no work, but allll weekend the weather was storm and all around crummy so there wasn't much fun to be had outside. I did get some good old fashioned TV watching done though. I got to see most of The Whole Ten Yards. Wasn't as good or as funny as I was expecting. Heh, Friday I went to Madison to get the Monitor those jerks over at AMS broke and on my way there I wanted to hit the comic shops first; the new Vagabond had come out and the previous book ended on cliffhanger. And I wanted to pick up Gargolyes issue 1 before #2 came out. It looks like issues 1-3 will be recapping the end of season 2 and then beginning a new from there.

Sat. I went to Jason's to watch the Badgers play their first game of the season. They played well, too bad the Pack didn't, but when the regular season starts I'm hoping they'll wake up and start playing decent again. Last week I rented Black for Xbox. It is a tight game, lots of weapons to play with, but it's like Halo, where you can only carry 2 at a time which sucks. But it is nice that the game will let you use a person soundtrack, instead of the generic in game music. I only played 5 or 6 missions so I don't think i got very far, but what I did play was really fun. Just about everything can be shot and destroyed.

Sun. did nothing. I was mostly waiting for Tues to get here so that I could buy Lost Season 2 on dvd. (Which I have now.) I've watched the first disc so far, there is so much that I forgot and didn't notice the first time around. But by the end of the week i was so board that I started drawing again. Just my usual stuff. I'm working on a study of different ancient written forms and trying to blend them together into a purely astitic (I know that's not how you spell it) alphabet. I should look like it should flow together, but still be different enough to engage the eye in a complex manner. I trust this will take the rest of my life, but it's fun and it's something to aim for.
Sound Off!   
04:23am 08/08/2006
mood: gloomy
Not much has been going on. just getting frustrated at my car. I don't want to toot my own horn (No... not that horn... atleast not this early before bed hehe), but the RX-8 is a fairly rare car. Atleast when you come pair it to cars like mustangs or eclipses. So it stands to reason that not that many people know how to install a very specialized stereo setup in this car. I just had my car pc and monitor installed with an overseas dash kit (which I had to pay out the ass to get!) and it just sounds aweful! Yes I had a professional do the installation, but to save myself a little money I went to the #2 place in town. I figured they'd still do a decent job right? WRONG! FUCK ME! Now I have to buy ANOTHER component to route all the sound through (that will be another $160-$200 (not counting labor)) just so it can sound listenable (is that a word?). But fuck the place i went to first, I'm gonna have the #1 place put in the new peice and see if they can spot anything that was done incorrectly.

I love my car to death, and the PC is working great! Even the GPS works beyond my expectations, it's just the sound coming to the speakers! Engine noise and random pops, it's aweful!

So what i've been doing for the last week is just driving around with out sound, but watching video. I've got anime music videos, South Park episodes, Chappell clips, and other stuff going, but it'd be so much better with sound. For now I need to wait until my next pay check (or two) and gather up some more cash. My last credit card bill was actually more than what I could make over two weeks with 13 hours of over time!

Pissing around with my car has been mostly what I've up to.. OOh, and I guess we have a new family of cats in the backyard. A few weeks ago, my mom discovered a very friendly cat living by our shed. She followed it and found some kittens with it! A few died cause the momma cat wouldn't feed some of them. We think she was dropped off by our house when she was just about ready to give birth and didn't have any food, thus couldn't make enough milk to feed all the kittens. I've had to frequently check on the kittens to make sure none get left behind. Mitch and I bought some food for her. Heh, the momma cat has no tail, so it must be a farm cat. The kittens very cute, they just opened their eyes 3 or 4 days ago. There are two striped gray ones and one orange one. I'm gonna try and get a good picture with my camera phone tomarrow.
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It's a Cold Day for Pain   
02:01am 23/05/2006
mood: depressed
Soo depressed tonite. I guess this about the time I get depressed. The weather gets better and the days are bright and long again, but it just focuses the fact there isn't someone to enjoy it with.

What else is there to say?
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Fun Fast Time!   
04:37am 16/03/2006
  I just got back from driving my RX-8 home for the first time! It has just over 12,000 miles on it and it is scream'n! I took the country roads home to see how fast i could get her before wussing out. Heh, I got it up to 93 miles per hour! FUck yeah! I love driving it. I just wish i could have gotten the spoiler that i wanted on it. The factory spoiler that's on there now is ok, but come on, the MazdaSPEED spoiler looks so much more cooler AND it's functional, meaning you can adjust the amount of down force you want.

We'll just have to see who's is faster, my RX-8 or Zach's G35 coupe. Depending on how much it snows here in the next few days we might just find out!
Another Email Update   
05:39am 24/01/2006
mood: mellow
I had a pretty good weekend. I was gonna go and have dinner with a few coworkers Friday, but we got a bunch of snow that day so I just stayed home until a friend here in town called me up and invited me over. We watched House of Wax and Dawn of the Dead that took place at a Milwaukee Mall. Wax was pretty creapy, it was mainly just a gore-fest horror, I wasn't really in the mood for it. I liked Dawn of the Dead though, but then I like zombie movies. I guess there is a certain level of security with Zombies, you know that if they don't bite you, you're ok. But with psycho killers, they can be hidding anywhere!

Saturday I went to Madison, didn't do much, walked the mall, ate, went to Best Buy and got a sweet Techno Cd (DJ Irene Live). I thought I was buying just one cd, and it ends up having two! Usually it says on the packaging somewhere that it's a 2 disc set, but not on this one. Once I got home I had a few friends drop by and we broke out our Xmod RC cars. Did I tell you I got an Xmod from Radio Shack a while back? I just ordered a few parts for it online from atomicmods.com : the 350z Body, the clip that fits the body to the chasis, rear aluminum rims (metallic blue), and two drifting tires to fit the rims. I was gonna get the graphite driveshaft but was in such a hurry to get the body that I forgot (that and I had to shower and get ready for work in less than 20 mins!).

On Sunday I slept fairly late, and didn't do much. I wanted to start a drawing, but didn't find very good source material on the net. Went and saw Underworld 2, it's Titty Tastic! The naked vampire chick scene was sweet. It was a pretty good sequel, I should have watched the first one before I went, but didn't get around to it.

Overall it was a fairly bloody weekend! ha!

That's all from me. I'll try and take some crapy pics of my Xmod with my camera phone once the new body comes in the mail!
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Ripped from an Email   
01:29am 20/12/2005
mood: awake
I get to work the crappy 8-5 hours for the rest of this week cause someone is
taking the rest of the week off in my department. Which means I should
get to bed, but I know I'm not gonna be able to fall asleep until
atleast 2:30 or so.

I went to my sister's reception Sat. night, it was pretty fun. I drank,
played with the kids, mingled (a little) and listened to music. Some
how my table always seems to turn into the kids table, it's very
frustrating, but who wants boaring old adults around anyway, right?
hahahaha. I got there a few hours a head of time to help out with
stuff. Most of it was done by the time I got there so I just hung out
with my little bro until everyone else started to arrive. They had a
small wedding type thing for close friends and family even though they
got married a week or two prior in Jamaica. It was nice though and I
got to have some fun taking some pics. (I went through atleast 3 rolls
of film) The girl they hired to take pictures was pretty good looking,
I just didn't have enough balls ta talk to her -_-.

Sunday i didn't do jack cause I mostly slept. My sis was complaining cause she didn't get to sleep until 3. I kind of laughed when she told me that cause I didn't get to bed until 6. (I didn't stay at a hotel that night cause the reception was fairly close to home. So I went back home and watched some movies and tried to setup my dad's new Mini Mac.)

Lately I've been going back to Forza Motorsport cause when I went to get my hair cut last week at my cousin's place he showed me that he was at 70% comlpetion! I'm only at around 59%. I'll usually take 2 hours or so every night and try to beat as many courses as I can or just screw around and make cool design with the decals in the paint shop area. OOh yeah, I just bought Fable: The Lost Chapters a little while ago. I think i'm about 45% through it, I'm trying to go around and do ALL the side missions first cause the first time I went through the game I think i missed a lot of them. I was in a rush cause I had rented the game. This time I can really take my time and try to get some actual cash. I've been trading a lot and have been looking for the good deals. The chicken kicking contest was too fun! Even if that fucker wouldn't give you a true score. (he has bad eye sight) I've been trying to be evil, but for some reason I'm almost maxed out on Good points! It pisses me off that you get Good points for killing the thiefs and bugs while traveling! You should just get renoun points for that. Oh, and owning that Whore House is totally paying off! HAAHAHA!

Oh, friday i bought a few movies cause i was feeling rich. I got Kung Pow, Resident Evil 2, and Cradle to the Grave (also known as Romeo Must Die 2, hahaha), Oh, i did buy these used just to show that I'm not that rich.

Good nite!
Ultra Mega Naughty!!!   
04:02am 08/12/2005
mood: complacent
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June lesbiannipples and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last week I signed my organ donor card (28 points). Last month I turned knd_swing in for eating carbs (3 points). Last Sunday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, beaastor (-5000 points). In May I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4693 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Yeah.. don't ya just hate it when you commit Genocide?
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Bad Boy   
10:35pm 04/12/2005
mood: anxious
I thought this was pretty cool.


Raw score: 47%
You're a fallen angel. There's some innocence there, but the sexual dark side has called you and, possibly, is already using you. But you're not evil, just naughty; dirty, but not filthy. You're certainly hellbound, and you'll most likely seek out other imps like yourself to work your wicked will. There might be a moral core inside you, but it's been overtaken by lust.

AVOID: the heavenbound. Your path is downward, and you'll need a guide.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 12% on hellishness

Link: The Sexual HELL Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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The scariest ThanksGiving Day ever!   
03:01am 25/11/2005
mood: Yes, hungry for Leftovers!
I wokeup this morning to something more frightening beyond words. When I wokeup the sun was beating down on my face so I look out the window to see where the sun was at so I could move outta the way. When I went to look, i didn't just see the sun, no, whatever this was, it wasn't the sun, it was something 10 times brighter than the sun! I rubbed my eyes to look again and still saw this massive ball of light outside my window. The only thing i could think of that could be this bright would be an exploding Nuke! I jumped out of bed freaking out, put my glasses on and told my parents to look outside. I ran downstairs to look back out of a different window and saw everything as it had been yesterday. THere was no blinding light, or mushroom cloud. I was relieved, but confused. I went back upstairs to look at the window in my bedroom and saw that frost had covered the entire window! hahahaha, I freaked out about nothing! (this should tell you how bad my eyes are without glasses)

Before I figured out what was going on, I was truely scared for a couple moments there. I didn't espcially want to die, but I didn't want my parents or my neice and nephew (who were staying here at the time) to die even more. Figuring that we weren't already dead, I thought we would have a more painful death and I didn't want to watch everyone go through that.

Aside from fearing for my life Turkeyday was ok. My sister who is getting married soon actually had it this year. It was nice, she really fixed up her boy friend's house up nice.
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I was just wondering..   
03:52am 20/11/2005
mood: Adventurous!
Since I'm in a typing mood tonite I just want to ask a question. Has anyone masturbated at work? If so, Have you felt guilty about it?

I've been thinking about it off and on for a while now. It'd be very easy for me to just take 15 minutes and get the job done. I'm basically the only person in my department and no supervisors watching over me on 2nd shift.
02:33am 02/11/2005
mood: gloomy
Well, I'm finally updating, but I don't know what to say. Um a current project I'm working on is Carl's "2 Wicked" decal from his car. It's very simple and I have the font that matches. Now I just need the press operator at where I work to tell me when he's doing a job on Fasclear stock. It would look sweet on that stuff.

I did a little searching and found out that the next season of Venture Bros. will begin around spring 2006. So all you Brock fans fans get ready! Lots of stuff happened near the end of the first season, Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch broke up, Dean and Hank died on a cliffhanger season ender, we still know squat about Dr. Venture's ex-wife(?)/Dean and Hank's mom, and the Monarch went to jail for a crime he didn't commit.

I have been really thinking about finding a place to rent, but my sister says it is soo finacially straining to get a place by yourself. The bills are very hard to keep up with and all that. So I don't know what to do. Do I just plant myself here in Madison for the rest of my life? Just buy a house somewhere let that be that? It just doesn't seem right. Would my $12.30 an hour even cut it? It seems like much of my life has been guided by fate, so I guess I'm just waiting for something to present itself.

Oh, I just beat Indigo Prophecy the other night, it was pretty cool, but the ending totally latches on to a sequel which was disapointing because the bad guy never really got what was coming to him. I'm gonna have to play through it again and try and get a different ending. I'm guessing that they all end similarlly. After looking through the bonus stuff, I found that I must have missed quite a few subplots or extra actions that take place. This will be one of the few games that I'll have to over again.
No Fire   
11:22pm 07/08/2005
mood: crushed
Wow, it'z been a while since i've updated so I guess it's time. Um.. this past friday was rock'n! We had a company party and we were still clocked-in so that made it even better! We had a ton of food, pizza, chips, a mamoth sub. Then afterwards we could pretty much do anything we wanted, the boss had rented a foose ball table and the men were all huddled around that. The hmong women were playing bingo, some of my department was outside playing horseshoes or frisbe. I mostly played frisbe. I wish we could do that every week! It was probably the most fun i've ever had at a job.

Earlier that week i had gone over to my boss's house to checkout all his cool shit he keeps bragging about. His basement is pretty much a movie theatre. Two big screens! One like mine, the other is a projector hanging off the ceiling! Very tight setup. I totally want something like that when i get a place. Minus the two crazy hyperactive kids of course. Oh, while i was over there we tried putting his old dvd burner into my laptop, but fuck if it didn't work. So friday night i ordered a Lacie external dvd burner witha firewire input! I'm gonna be burning soo many dvds it'z not gonna be funny! Just type in #300764U into a search engine and you'll see what i'm getting. I got it at the lowest possible price i could find. Cheap shipping too!

Then a few weeks before that I had a blind date. It was a double date with a friend from work and his wife. His wife's cousin was my date and man did she not like me! Fuck, she wouldn't even look at me. I probably made the mistake of looking at her wrong when we met? But shit, I'm Mr. Ockward! I talk ockward, stand ockward, I even drive ockward, and if you're new to me, you're gonna get the full blow unless we develope a bond very quickly. Anyway, I got the cold shoulder the entire time. I tried to be a nice guy, I opened doors for her, I tried starting conversations, but it was like trying to talk to a frozen puddle, just cooooold. I got the feeling she didn't want a nice guy, she wants an asshole that will treat her like shit. Her father is a cop so it wasn't too hard to figure out. Oh, and she has two kids! I know, DAMAGED GOODS, but damn if she wasn't fine look'n. I should have put a sign on her that read, Look, but Don't Touch.

That'z it from my corner, Ooh, I just beat Area 51 today, EXCELLENT game! I loved it. Way better than Doom 3 or should I say, No Ammo 3.